If there's a wall, there will be a garden


Green Drops India is cleantech / greentech venture setup in 2013 with mission as "Green Building transformation". Green Drops is specialized in Vertical Gardens which are plants installed on the walls. Green Drops provides services in Pune. Benefits of Vertical Gardens are reduction in energy consumption & pollution , creation of More Oxygen, Temperature regulation and Beautiful decorative green plant cover

We have done 50+ installations across residential and commercial spaces in Pune.


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Vertical Gardens are increasingly seen as an integral part of the architecture; as pillars in shopping centres, as large living works of art on hotel walls, or as entire buildings creating a green lung in the urban space. For many reasons, Firstly, the vertical garden creates life and seems to make the building come alive. Secondly, the Vertical Gardens creates space on the balcony for a Kitchen Gardens for instance. It can either grow on an entire wall or building or serve as a living work of art indoors, while improving the indoor climate at the same time.

Vertical Gardens is an indoor/outdoor modular planter with multiple levels of vertically spaced pots or planters. Its vertical design saves space and water. With a flow through irrigation system, water from the top plants passes to all the lower pots. Using the vertical space instead of horizontal space is an important feature for those short of planting area in condos, or apartments with small balconies.
Living Walls or Green Walls are self sufficient vertical gardens that are attached to the exterior or interior of a building. The French botanist and artist Patrick Blanc was a pioneer by creating the first vertical garden over 30 years ago.



Green Drops India


Phone : +91 9545555079