Ecological Sustenance - GreenDrops (Home review , Sep, 2017)
Our work published in HOME REVIEW magazine July '17 edition. 
Designing a green wall is a customized solution for particular location and space which takes more than just assembling the multiple ingredients together. It is treated as a mural wherein plants are main component.
Combination of plants with natural material like stone, terracotta, wood etc. provides uniqueness to each and every installation. The brand has its own nursery setup for plants. In nature no two things look same. Plants are such an integral part of nature. Similarly, no two design situations or site conditions are same. Just putting plants in framework makes it so mechanical and monotonous. The whole thought process of Green Drops India has to serve the purpose for that particular space. 

The prime focus of the brand is continuous innovation and creation of innovative designs. For Green Drops India, every urban space is a challenge in itself. Carving out area for Greenery within dwelling an essential touch of art is a monumental task. With this profound idea, the brand started its journey in 2013.

Two women on a mission to make buildings and homes greener with vertical gardening via their startup GreenDrops (YourStory article on GreenDrops, July 9, 2014)

Green Drops was featured in YourSTory article published on 9th July 2014. 
Green Drops provides vertical gardens, terrace gardens consulting, green partitions, podium gardens and landscaping. “We are also working on creating green ecosystems like kitchen gardens, living room green wall system, green furniture and green arts,”


Vertical gardens getting traction with foliage cover shrinking in big cities  (Economic times - Sep 21, 2015)
Pune-based Green Drops has done 35 installations in commercial establishments, villas and apartments after opening up about two-and-half years ago. “Our first project was at a luxurious villa, and that gave us an opportunity to gain momentum in this business,” said Supriya Nikumbh, cofounder of Green Drops, who founded the company along with Bhairavi Shevade. 

The fine arts graduates have come out with innovative designs and brought in technology, such as 3D visualisation, drip irrigation and use of recycled water to ensure less water usage in the vertical gardens. “We have installed the gardens in balconies and outer or inner walls of apartments, and customers buying new apartments find it within their budgets to go in for a new look,” said Nikumbh. 


Foliage on the wall (The Tribune - April 12, 2014)
Sometimes, even a balcony is asking for too much and the only space left unoccupied is the vertical area, walls. Pune-based Landscape designer entrepreneur duo Supriya Nikumbh and Bhairavi Shevade offer the innovative vertical gardens. For both commercial and residential areas, Green Drops India brings green ecosystems to you. They say that not only does it save space; it also saves water through an irrigation system with the lower plants using the water passed on from the upper plants. Pioneered by French botanist and artist Patrick Blanc, it is known as mur végétal and has helped transform the way people look at walls. From malls to hotels, they have made a name for themselves with what started out as a wall at their own home. They now offer 20 varieties of plants, including flowering plants.


Verdant walls (The Pune Mirror, Times of India - Aug 24, 2014)
“We can create a green wall even if there’s no wall to go on in the first place,” say Supriya Nikumbh and Bhairavi Shevade, college friends and Fine Art students, who launched Green Drops India last year. They specialise in creating vertical gardens, i.e. gardens on walls of any dimension.
“Vertical gardens require very little space. You don’t occupy floor space and yet get a luscious green cover for your home,” says Nikumbh.
Once a project is finalised, the duo creates the metal fabrication, followed by acrylic panel work and drip irrigation (if it’s a small wall, then manual watering works) for every fibre pot. Then they put in full-grown plants to create the green effect. They also create indoor green cupboards and indoor kitchen herb garden wall, which can completely change the dimensions of the interior.
“We try to do something different for every project in the form of plants used, murals, texture, lighting and so on. It’s an end-to-end solution. For one builder in Aundh’s Sindh Society, we created a 20ft x 10 ft green wall to secure his privacy. Another wanted the entrance to his office highlighted. Each project is customised,” says Shevade.