Why do we need vertical gardens, Green Walls, Living walls ?

In Indian context, last few years have seen tremendous growth in real estates. Not just metros, but tier II cities have grown multi fold times and expanded significantly. As a result of huge growth in residential and commercial buildings, there are concrete jungles everywhere. To support this growth, trees are cut resulting in reduction of green cover. This further resulted in chain effect and causes higher pollution and temperature, higher energy consumptions in buildings and lesser oxygen.


Current environmental situation in residential and commercial buildings.

  • Not enough space for gardening.

  • Increase in pollution and temperature.

  • Decrease in vegetation and greenery.

  • High energy and resource consumption

How Vertical Gardens, Green Walls, Living Walls can help to change it?

  • Lowers temperature, reduces ‘Urban Heat Island’ effect. It is observed that vertical garden can reduce the temperature up to 5’C

  • Conserves energy by insulating buildings, reducing the need of air conditioning and thereby reduces electricity bills upto 20%.

  • Reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Water conservation through re use.

  • Improves aesthetics of concrete structures.

  • Filters air particulates, improves air quality. Improvement of health and well-being.

  • Adds much-needed humidity to centrally-cooled offices.

  • Productivity improvements.

  • Reduces electrostatic pollution. Acts as sound buffers.

  • Can be installed indoors & outdoors. Modular system allows vertical & horizontal expansion. Minimal framework required and Structurally strong